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Alchemist Press is an indie tabletop roleplaying games publisher specialising in world design for my system neutral campaign settings which have grown out of a love of developing roleplaying games over the past forty years, stretching way back to the 1981 edition of the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set. When. Everything. Changed.

You'll find a world of Game Master tricks and tips in my periodical blog, delving into decades of roleplaying game experience for an interesting take on how to get the best from your home-brew campaigns. You'll uncover some of my thoughts on creating interesting roleplaying sessions which may lead you along some unexplored avenue or alleyway, down which you may discover a way of doing things that could provide you with some helpful advice, tricks and tips for game mastering your next adventure.

You can never have enough maps, and being a lover of all things cartographical you'll find a world of dungeon and wilderness maps to slot right into your own home-brew campaigns.

Thanks for stopping by.

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