The Alchemist's Lair Dungeon Map

02 June 2022

Welcome to the Alchemist's Lair Dungeon — a damp, poorly lit subterranean complex in which hides the many experiments of the alchemist's endeavours and keeping his life's work safe from prying eyes. Spending as much time as he does underground, you'll find that some of the rooms are even used as living quarters, albeit ones that the rest of polite society may run a mile from at the thought of inhabiting them for more than a few dismal hours at a time.

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Inside the Alchemist's Lair

Spending the vast majority of his time underground the Alchemist has made himself very much at home, there's a simple bed chamber to nap between experiments, with room for a writing desk and chair — all with the convenience of an adjacent privy.

A secret passageway avoids the pit trap that many will find their way to the bottom of; well hidden above, the safe entrance will be hard to find.

You'll discover a well-stocked library full of dog-eared, tired and musty books — some ancient and maybe even valuable, many though noting the rantings of one mad alchemist's experiments or another with equally crazy ideas all pursued to perfection and complete with copious notes and hastily scribbled annotations in the margins.

There's a storage room housing the many noxious chemicals, alkalis and acids, salts and mixtures that your aspiring alchemist uses and most likely inhales daily.

A large octagonal chamber with a high vaulted ceiling takes pride of place in the complex's centre — it's centre Dias raised a foot or so from the paved floor, once bright alchemical symbols carved into it's facets are now charred and blackened by the countless experiments gone wrong. Or maybe our intrepid alchemist has discovered hundreds of ways of not doing exactly what he envisioned when setting out on his never ending mission.

A large water filled chamber is fed from the underground stream that flows beneath, gently circulating the water along a narrow channel; tall pillars rise up either side high into the vaulted ceiling. Iron bars, still strong, although coasted in a crust of rust, prevent anything that may be found lurking under the waters from escaping either upstream or downstream. What lurks underneath no-one knows apart from the alchemist himself, although maybe even he's forgotten over time.

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