The Rat's Armpit

Nestled between the tightly packed buildings, and occupying the three stories above Squeeze Guts Alley is the Rat’s Armpit — a city inn renowned for a satisfying brew, scrumptious home-cooked pies, and a lively night out.

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Sample delights including such tasty morsels as Smoked Black-Eared Hog Sausage and Spud Pie or Devil’s Snout Mushroom and Giant Acorn Pie, washed down with a mug of Dead Man’s Fingers — the Rat’s Armpit’s strongest brew.

Just maybe, you’ll hear the whispered name of the Crimson Fox — rumoured to send cryptic messages, to those who have earned his or her displeasure — through the Rat’s Armpit’s pie delivery service. No one wishes the ignominy of receiving the infamous ‘burnt crust’ — the Crimson Fox’s ultimate warning of impending doom.

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Explore fully detailed maps

Explore twenty-eight locations spread over five fully detailed floors of The Rat's Armpit: basement beer cellar, ground floor kitchens and work rooms, first floor bar and meeting rooms, second floor meeting room and lodging and third floor living quarters.

All the maps and locations are hyperlinked for nice and easy game mastering (I've been there, sometimes it's just hard finding what you need the second you need it).

The Rats Armpit Snippet: Map

Quickly jump between locations as your party explores the delights of The Rat's Armpit

All the room descriptions come complete with a hyperlinked map, with quick links to adjacent locations should those inquisitive adventurers head off in an unexpected direction.

There's even a map link on every location page, so you can head right back to the relevant maps. Lucky you.

The Rat's Armpit Snippet: Room

Do you have a party of ravenous adventurers? Why not sample the delights of one of Hetty's famous Rat's Armpit pies?

Almost as round as she is tall, Hetty, bustles around the kitchen completely focused on the job at hand; stewing meats, filling pies and crimping pastry as if her life depended on it. Her pies are famous throughout the city, and she's known for perfectly cooked pastry, stuffed full of mouthwatering fillings to treat your taste buds to a pie never to be forgotten.

The Rat's Armpit Snippet Food

Or, if you're feeling lucky, try one of little Horsha's Experimental Daily Specials?

Having spent her whole life around the kitchen with her mother, Horsha loves to cook, and is forever experimenting with a new bake, or interesting take on a Rat’s Armpit favourite. Always on the lookout for an unsuspecting customer to trial her latest creation on: she can be invaluable for those on a tight budget and in need of a free meal.

Roll a D10 or pick one any of Little Horsha's Specials that you fancy. There's even another random table to see just how good it is on the day, just make sure you roll for each brave adventurer — after all one person's poison is another person's cake.

The Rats Armpit Snippet: Experimental Food

Have a bit of time on your hands? If you're lucky there may be a market gathered in The Rat's Armpit's courtyard

I had a lot of fun writing this section; random tables are something of a passion of mine and here you'll find a small random market generator for those visiting The Rat's Armpit to discover — from Marvello's Marvellous Inventions with his eclectic selection of the weird and wonderful, displayed on a colourful cart of many colours to Florent's Trips and Traps with a quality trap for every occasion, and you'll even find a nice selection of arrows with fletching that is perfect for those wishing to match their armament to their outfit.

The Rat's Armpit Snippet: Market

Why PDF only?

By publishing in PDF only it enables me to bring you projects that would not necessarily be commercially viable for me to have printed and distributed. This allows me to do all the fun things I'd like to create without having to think about the financial constraints of mass production.

I'm also able to create the PDF specifically with screen use in mind, with everything fully hyperlinked, so you can move back and forth around the document to your heart's content. I find this particularly useful as a game master myself; quickly jumping to the next location as my heroic adventurers travel through locations.

The whole process is more streamlined with far less moving parts to consider. As I am able to complete the whole project myself, from copywriting to layout and illustrations distribution, there's much less that can go wrong or delay delivery.

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