The Lost Tomb Dungeon Map

18 July 2022

You've discovered an entrance to The Lost Tomb at last! After days of searching, and endless unpleasant encounters with the dense pricklethorn briars that have been your constant companions during your search; you break through a particularly stubborn thicket and very nearly plunge straight down a cavernous hole that has opened up unexpectedly before you. Scrambling backwards as pebbles and detritus drop over the precipice at an alarming rate, you finally catch a glimpse of the tomb below. Adventure awaits.

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Exploring The Lost Tomb

Dry and dusty, and very likely extremely unstable and about to collapse on your heads at a moments notice — exploring The Lost Tomb is not for those of a weaker disposition. Clouds of dust are kicked up as you traverse the passageways, the motes seem to hang in the air for an eternity and don't particularly look in a rush to settle back down, enjoying their new found freedom having been laying undisturbed for centuries. The dust drys your throat and clogs your lungs, leading to debilitating coughing fits that will last for days.

Over the decades The Tomb has been subject to a multitude of cave-ins, indeed the main entrance passage is blocked by a large rock fall, only a short distance into the catacomb. This will not be the first time our plucky explorers will discover their way blocked through the twisting passageways or chambers half-filled by huge collapses.

What will our intrepid adventurers discover inside? Will they discover the tombs secrets and the hidden chamber below the central crypt? Or maybe those epoch old traps have stood the test of time and are ready to mercilessly repel the invader — only time will tell.

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